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How to digitize the grain trade

What the company does

Agro.Club is a US-based AgriTech startup that operates in the world's three largest agricultural hubs: Europe, South America, North America. The full-stack B2B platform, which has over 40 000 farmers and 1000’s of international grain companies on board, allows any grain transaction to be carried out worldwide.

The Current Landscape

According to the World Resources Institute, by 2050, the world will need 56 percent more food than it currently consumes. Changes in agriculture are inevitable, with technology playing a key role.

Digital platform solutions are meant to eliminate trading barriers, digitize financial transactions, and connect growers to buyers across the globe.But markets, particularly in agriculture and grain, are extremely complicated; most startups fail because of an unprofitable unit economy, a lack of high-caliber services, a short-run rate, or a poor customer-centric approach.

Being created and developed by ag industry insiders, the Agro.Club platform solution found a way to work and grow fast while making money.

Company Birth Story

From day one in 2018, Agro. Club's founder, Egor Kirin, has been loyal to the vision of creating an ecosystem for the whole agricultural value chain and building the largest B2B marketplace.

Agro.Club's global grain marketplace makes the world's grain supply more secure, efficient, and sustainable. Then the final goal was to empower it with cutting-edge tools that could bridge the gap by facilitating financial payments, logistics, thorough customer checks, and abundant paperwork.

Now the company operates in the world’s three largest agricultural hubs, enabling any farmer, regardless of size, to trade grain worldwide.

The Solution

Agro.Club’s mission is to use technology to connect the global ag value chain and make grain supply more secure, efficient, and sustainable.

One of the values for the farmer is the platform’s ability to aggregate demand from numerous grain buyers. The embedded algorithms allow them to find the best match in a fast and transparent manner.

More to the point, there’s no need to worry about the financial part of the deal, as Agro.Club pays for the crops on behalf of the buyer. While all the messy logistics and documentation are being handled by the operational teams. As for the grain companies, they get the needed crops on time and as hassle-free as possible.

The technology, combined with the well-established business process, makes the company’s unit economics extremely strong and profitable.

A Customer Story

The grain market gains more transparency on price, the transactions are faster and more efficient, and the global food supply is becoming more accessible.

The Team Culture

The company wants to ensure that all its employees are working towards the same goals and support the brand’s vision.

Below is the list of Agro.Club’s corporate values:

Reliability: Say it, do it.

Be part of the solution, not the problem.

Respect the others.

Always find a way to succeed.

Stay open to communication.

Have a desire to grow

Perform work with high quality and speed.

This April’s poll at Agro.Club detected a 71% level of staff satisfaction and engagement (eNPS).

A founder quote

"There are always reasons to win, and there are always excuses to lose. You choose!" (Egor Kirin, CEO Agro.Club)

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