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How TidyChoice Is Tidying Up London

What is TidyChoice?

TidyChoice is an online platform for domestic cleaning and housekeeping services in London. They want to revolutionise the way people find trusted help for their homes.They aim to become the lifeline for help at home.

The Current Landscape

There are hundreds of domestic cleaning companies in and around London. TidyChoice uses their technology to stand out. They allow customers to see the cleaner's hourly rates, years of experience, profiles, ratings and customer reviews and book them in real time in minutes.

Company Birth Story

TidyChoice started five years ago and has been growing steadily ever since. Ana Andres co- founded the company because she needed to find a reliable cleaner quickly and could not find one. Therefore, she decided to use her tech know-how to create a simple way to find reliable professionals online.

Entrepreneurship starts with solving the biggest challenges facing customers. She teamed up with a business partner who has analytical and financial skills that balance out her technical background.

The Solution

TidyChoice allows customers to choose their cleaner online and book them directly in real time. They offer great value for money and customers’ ability to choose 6-stage vetted cleaner profiles before booking their cleaner. This is pretty unique. Their operations are extremely efficient which allows them to grow fast. They have a strong technology focus and continuous innovation keeps us ahead of the competition.

A Founder Quote

Starting a business is a marathon, not a sprint. You need to accept that you will have to get your hands dirty and work really hard. Success depends on a strong work ethic and ability to learn things quickly.

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