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How Luisa Jo Chooses to Disrupt the Crowded Perfume Market with Her Wild Perfumery Concept

What Luisa Jo does

The big idea behind the creation of Luisa Jo is that perfume can tell a very intimate & seductive story of who you are. By selling excitement, eroticism and wilderness, Luisa Jo provides a limited circle of people with the ultimate invisible accessory to stick out from the crowd.

The Current Landscape

There is an endless amount of perfumes on the market, but do they really get us hooked? Don’t they all smell quite similar, and it’s difficult to distinguish ourselves? And why do women always need to smell of flowers and fruits?

Secondly, spraying a perfume early morning on the skin creates such an overwhelming cloud that it feels almost invading somebody’s space; but then at the end of the day, there is hardly anything left.

Can we not instead have a scent that rather tells a story - the story of who you are, who you might be, perhaps even of who you fear becoming… because perfume is a very intimate element of a person, just like a signature or the sound of a voice.

And can we not additionally have a scent that stays the entire day and night? Something that creates addiction, desire and curiosity? Why not going even a step further by saying that it should create sexual attraction by awakening human instincts?

And this is how “Luisa Jo – Wild Perfumery” came into life.

Company Birth Story

A few years ago, the founder of Luisa Jo accepted a challenge to create a scent that didn't invade other people’s space with a huge commercial bomb, but rather emphasizes the unique personal skin aroma, made from the highest quality and most precious ingredients. Plus, importantly, it should last until the end of the night.

The Solution

The concept behind Luisa Jo perfumes is a small batch production, hand-made with high quality ingredients, and a unisex scent profile. Real soul scents that evoke emotions, curiosity and passion.

There are three important elements:

• Luisa Jo uses the laws of attraction from the animal world and applies those to our urban lives. This is where the magic happens

• The perfumes come in a highly concentrated oil base, which makes it rather a classy skin scent enhancer with the advantage of a constant & very long-lasting intensity from the start until the very end

• Due to the oil base, the elixir smells different on every skin, giving it a real

uniqueness factor. Almost like an olfactive tattoo...

The result? Timeless beauty of imperfection, and guaranteed the beginning of a story. YOUR story!

A Customer Story

The feedback Luisa Jo gets from the first sold batch of “Electric Wildfire” is overwhelming: a celebrity in Germany says that he “never wants to use anything else anymore”. A “difficult to understand, but mysteriously crazy scent” another client reports back. “Please don’t spread the word, this is MY scent!” says another fan.

What it all comes down to is that the juice seems to have a strong impact on the surrounding of the wearing person, next to the benefit of smelling gorgeous. There is certainly some magic going on that cannot be explained.

A founder quote

Life is too short to smell like everybody else!

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