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How Bar None Games is changing the future of work

What Bar None Games does

Bar None Games ( is a fast-growing virtual team building games business, creating interactive experiences for teams across the globe. With a focus on creating inclusive games that create real connection and highlight diversity, the company is changing how hybrid and remote teams form connections in the virtual world.

The Current Landscape

With the COVID-19 pandemic, teams across the globe were forced to work from home, many for the first time ever. For many team managers, their biggest challenge was figuring out how to keep employees engaged. Employee burnout was at an all time high and many lost their feeling of connection to their co-workers. At that time, most virtual team building events consisted of virtual cooking classes or virtual magicians. While these are all super fun events, most participants are passive, in “Mute” mode, and not actually interacting with the others on the call. This created a new opportunity for virtual companies such as Bar None Games to enter the space, creating virtual events where collaboration and teamwork are at the heart of every event.

Company Birth Story

The company was started in summer 2020, when the two founders’ one-year Harvard Business School reunion suddenly turned remote. A virtual trivia event was created on-the-fly to engage ninety classmates. The event was such a success that classmates suddenly began reaching out to see if similar virtual events could be hosted at their companies for their teams. From there, the rest was history.

The Solution

Since 2020, Bar None Games has worked with 1,500+ companies and its events have been enjoyed by nearly 100,000 employees. The company focuses on event formats that create real connection. The formats are designed to be collaborative, the content is curated to be inclusive, and the live host brings high energy. Due to the uniqueness and variety of offerings, companies keep coming back time and time again to try out new types of games.

The Team Culture

The company’s team lives and breathes team building and work culture. The company’s employees all are remote, enabling employees to live close to family and their loved ones. Each week, all employees gather for a virtual lunch, where games and other fun team building activities are played. The company also hosts regular lunch and learns to ensure that each employee’s learning and development continues even in a remote world.

A founder quote

“As a founder, I've learned that building a successful company isn't just about having the right products or services, it's about having the right team. Without a strong and cohesive team, a company will never achieve its full potential. Team building isn't just a nice-to- have, it's a necessity.”

- Lilian Chen, Co-Founder and COO

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