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HiHello: Transforming the Future of Business Cards

What HiHello does

HiHello is changing how everyone—from individuals to Fortune 500 companies—manages their most important relationships. It starts with a digital business card built from the ground up to be delightful, customizable, and secure. Hundreds of thousands of professionals worldwide trust HiHello to amplify the power of their network, and we’re just getting started!

HiHello’s current landscape

The digital business card market is quickly growing. With individuals and businesses looking for more eco-friendly and cost-conscious solutions that fit into a digital landscape, digital business cards are becoming the new standard for contact exchange.

HiHello’s birth story

HiHello’s Co-founder and CEO, Manu Kumar, was never a fan of paper business cards. In 2009 Manu co-founded CardMunch, a service that converted paper business cards into digital contacts. After getting acquired by LinkedIn in 2011, CardMunch was quietly shut down. Manu was determined to create a product that solved the problem of contact exchange and management, so in 2018, HiHello was born.

The solution

The HiHello platform enables businesses and professionals to create a consistent, compelling brand experience at every touchpoint with customers. HiHello digital business cards, email signatures, and virtual backgrounds are customizable, interactive, and drive conversion, so every interaction becomes an opportunity to delight customers and improve business results.

The business world has shifted to hybrid communication: business is conducted in-person, over email, and with video calls. In these channels, the tools used are stuck in the past (paper business cards), ugly and inconsistent (email signatures), or sloppy and unprofessional (seeing someone's unmade bed in their video call background).

HiHello's mission is to help businesses take control of these customer touchpoints and turn them into business opportunities. Here's how:

1. Beautiful Experience - HiHello offers beautiful designs and customization options to impress customers.

2. Engage & Convert - HiHello’s products engage and qualify business leads with QR codes, videos, interactive elements, contact information, call scheduling, and more.

3. Analytics & Integration - Track deep analytics about how your customers interact and tie this data to real business results in your CRM platform.

4. Administration & User Management - Enterprise-grade security and fine-tuned control of the customer-facing experience. Integrate with critical user authentication and management systems.

While these features are exciting on their own, they also lead to real-world benefits. HiHello quantified its impact on improving business results, cost-savings, and environmental impact for customers:

1. Improved Business Results - Contacts are 7 times more likely to follow up after viewing a HiHello card.

2. Cost Savings - A 500-person company saves ~$32,000 by switching from paper business cards to the HiHello platform.

3. Environmental Impact - By replacing paper business cards with digital business cards, companies can shrink their carbon footprint.

From growing personal networks to increasing sales leads and controlling the brand experience across every touch-point, HiHello is making a big difference in how we communicate.

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