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Growing a female owned company from $5000 to 7 figures

What Good Dee's does?

Good Dee's makes top quality gluten free, keto, and sugar conscious baking mixes, frostings, sprinkles and more! All items are created by the founder, Deana Karim.

The Current Landscape

Currently in the industry, sales and profits are down. Cost of goods has been increasing even before inflation concerns. Starting with covid, freight costs not only exponentially increased, but getting a hold of goods was very difficult due to supply chain issues.

Company Birth Story

Deana Karim is the owner/founder of Good Dee's. She had been on a diet on and off for most of her life. She used to be able to lose weight quickly with lower calorie and gym workouts but just as quickly as she lost the weight, it would come back. After she had her first son, she wanted to get healthy. She tried to do my lower calorie diet but this time, it wouldn't work. She could not shake off her pregnancy pounds. It was time to get healthy-for herself and for her family but most of all to have a healthy relationship with food. Diabetes runs in her family and she didn't want that for herself.

Good Dee's was started with a savings of $5,000. Good Dee's was dedicated and focused on making their dream a reality. Founder and CEO Deana Karim did everything she could imagine laying the foundation for her first business. She was working 2 jobs to support her family but then she was let go of her corporate job when she was 8 months pregnant with her second son. It was a surreal moment when Brownie mix hit number 1 on Amazon a month later. Deana Karim always says...she grew because of her amazing customers.

The Solution

Good Dee's is building a sugar conscious, high quality ingredient line. Deana Karim creates the mixes and frostings herself-which differs from her competitors. All the formulas are her own-she is both the owner and R&D. She has no culinary background-she just truly loves food. Good Dee's has the goal of making all their items taste, smell, and look just as good as the traditional higher carb counterpart.

A Customer Story

Good Dee's has gotten several amazing customers...a lot of our customers are diabetic, have food allergens, or even children who have epilepsy and need to be on a ketogenic diet.

Some customer reviews:

Hello have to say i think i became one of your best customers i buy on Amazon just put a order in For icing more cookie recipes !! I hope you don t mind i buy on Amazon!!! Ps i even told some of my neighbors about your products !!Love them i even experiment making ginger bread cookies by adding ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon!!

A founder quote

Food should be enjoyed but also be good for you. We believe you can still be sweet...without the sugar.

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