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What ReUp does

ReUp is a PropTech company bridging the gap between home sellers want to sell their home for more and a buyer's desire to have exactly the home of their dreams.

ReUp's Current Landscape

Currently the market is flooded with individual house flippers. They want to buy the home from the seller for as low as possible and sell it for as high as possible pocketing the spread, often to the detriment of the homeowner.

Company Birth Story

ReUp was founded when a friend’s mother passed away due to COVID. She inherited her childhood home. When she made the journey to see the home, she was appalled at the condition of it. It was in crumbling around her. To add insult to injury the bank said there were also 5k in back property taxes on the home. They chose the most vulnerable time in her life and scared her giving up the nearly paid off home. This could have been her nest egg or children’s college funds. Unfortunately, this story is not unique in the US real estate market. People lack time, knowledge, and access to capital to do this themselves. This was the genesis of ReUp.

The Solution

ReUp partners with home sellers giving them the capital needed to renovate their home before they sell. Their local franchise coordinates the contractors to begin renovating the home. With their patented process, before the home is completed, they list it with a digital twin of the property and let the winning buyer choose the finishes they want for their home. This includes paint, flooring, fixtures, etc. Check out what the buyer chose to instal from working with their digital twin.

A Customer Story

Life happens when you are making plans and the ReUp team sees it all. Good people who are just going through demanding situations. One story comes to mind, a family who lost their father. The mother could no longer afford the home with solely her income. They listed their dream home during one of the hottest times for Austin real estate. The home in its condition and size sat on the market. Falling further behind on payments she was facing foreclosure. Their agent reached out to ReUp. ReUp fronted the capital for the renovation and once completed the home sold for over 1M in just a few weeks. This helped the grieving widow pocket the equity her family had built in the home and helped her avoid having to foreclose on it. She was incredibly thankful to have had the opportunity and team to help her navigate an incredibly difficult situation.

The Team Culture

ReUp was born during the pandemic when our society was revaluating what mattered most. ReUp is a fully remote team who does not believe in traditional work hours. Do the work that you must to get the job done well and enjoy the life you have outside of work. Bodies and hours in seats do not necessarily equate to work done well or to keeping employees happy and motivated. If the team is completing their mission of creating winning situations for home sellers and home buyers, then that is all that matters.

A founder quote

There is an ever-accelerating gap between the haves, and the have-nots. American real estate is one of the greatest wealth creation engines in the world, producing the most millionaires in any industry. It is time to give that same opportunity for wealth to the people who have lived and loved in the homes they are selling. -Ryan Sawchuk

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