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Gentreo - Online Estate Planning is Not Enough

What is Gentreo?

Gentreo is disrupting the online estate planning space by providing a service that supports users throughout their lives. With Gentreo, it’s affordable and easy to create state-specific estate planning documents and share them securely with loved ones and agents, so everyone knows where to turn if something happens.

The Current Landscape

Regardless of your age, marital status, or net worth, everyone needs an estate plan. Despite an increase in awareness about estate planning due to COVID-19, only 32.9% of Americans have a Will, the central document in an estate plan. The reasons for this vary, from misconceptions about cost to procrastination. Traditional estate planning with an attorney can be complex and cost thousands of dollars, bringing online estate planning to the forefront as a more affordable

and simple solution.

There are around a dozen different companies offering online estate planning, but all of them only provide a single-transaction document creation service that lacks the real support users need.

Gentreo was Born to be Different

Sisters Renee and Julie Fry founded Gentreo after helping their parents navigate the estate planning process traditionally, using an attorney. They noticed that the documents were essentially templates – it shouldn’t have cost the $10,000 their parents were charged. Renee and Julie were joined by attorney Mary Kate D’Souza and CTO John Amaral to build an online solution that makes estate planning easy and affordable, and ensures the plan stays current and easily accessible if something happens.

The Gentreo Solution

Gentreo membership includes a full set of standard estate planning documents including a Will, Revocable Living Trust, Power of Attorney, Health Care Proxy, and more for one low annual rate. Users can…

● Create documents with 1:1 support from Gentreo’s team of experts

● Store documents and other sensitive information in a single, centralized location – the secured Digital Family Vault

● Share documents with agents and trusted family and friends

● Update documents as frequently as life and laws dictate at no additional cost


In comparison with our competitors in the online estate planning space, Gentreo’s differentiators set us apart from the rest:

● Price – Gentreo membership is just $100 for the first year and $50 per year thereafter, while our competition charges $89 - $599 per document.

● Comprehensive – Gentreo membership includes all documents (Will, Revocable Living Trust, Power of Attorney, Health Care Proxy, and pet documents), while our competition charges per document.

● Storage & Sharing – Gentreo membership includes a secure Digital Family Vault for storing documents and other important information, and sharing them with loved ones and agents so everyone knows where to turn if something happens. Our competitors do not provide this feature.

● Support – Gentreo users get access to expert estate planning coaches to walk them through the platform and process. Our competitors do not provide this level of live support.

● Ongoing Service – Gentreo users can make unlimited free updates to their documents as life changes, and receive alerts when laws change that may impact them. Our competitors only provide one-and-done document creation services.

Founder Quote

"Estate planning is more than just a one time trust or one time will. Life changes, memories are created. Marriages, babies, helping care for aging parents – all are important life events that mean our plans need to change, too, and Gentreo is there for our customers throughout all of life" says Renee Fry, Co-Founder and CEO of Gentreo.

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