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Forever Changing How The Construction Industry Communicates: BuilderComs

What BuilderComs does

BuilderComs is a cutting-edge platform revolutionizing communication in the construction industry, offering builders, contractors, and clients a centralized hub for pictures, videos, documents, and seamless project management.

The Current Landscape

In the construction industry, communication inefficiencies are rampant, with fragmented processes, complicated software, and after thought solutions leading to delays, lost revenue, and errors. Competitors in the market offer limited solutions, lacking the comprehensive approach of BuilderComs.

Company Birth Story

BuilderComs was born out of a desire to deliver an exceptional customer experience, after dealing with too many upset customers Ron dove into why the construction industry has such a bad reputation when it comes to customer service. This led him to discover the industry’s elephant in the room communication. to streamline communication and collaboration in construction projects. Founded by a construction industry professional, it emerged as a response to the challenges faced throughout the industry.

The Solution

BuilderComs sets itself apart by integrating real-time messaging, picture, video, file sharing, progress tracking, and client engagement tools into one intuitive platform. It’s like air traffic control for your communication making sure the right people are always talking to each other. BuilderComs is built to be a tool for your business and with future ai integration BuilderComs will continue with its mission of being the communication software for the construction industry. BuilderComs was recognized as a Top 20 Start- Up at the International Builders Show, BuilderComs is quickly becoming the go-to solution for construction communication.

A Customer Story

One user said that he thought he was a great communicator but still had complaints and problems from communication breakdowns. “BuilderComs allowed me direct access to my customers and them direct access to my company, this once and for all ended communication problems and allowing me to grow my business.” And anther user called it “the CompanyCam killer.”

The Team Culture

Founders Ron Nussbaum and Jared Yellin are dedicated to transforming the construction industry. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, the team fosters a collaborative environment. With Ron’s over decade in the construction industry and Jared’s proving track record to scale SAAS companies they are the perfect duo to take on the communication issues that have pledge the industry for too long. With a culture of challenging the statues que and building sing simple solutions that work they have brought on Tyler Matheny as the CMO and lead the nationwide roll out.

A Founder Quote

"BuilderComs is not just about changing the construction industry; it's about empowering builders and contractors to revolutionize the way they communicate and collaborate, driving efficiency, transparency, and success in every project." Ron Nussbaum Founder/CEO BuilderComs

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