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Finding jobs for people with disabilities made easy with this online platform

What Does is a recruitment platform that connects inclusive businesses with qualified and skilled people with disabilities. As a jobs board, this platform makes it easier for people with disabilities to find the right career path and job opportunities within companies that are diverse and inclusive. The disability friendly jobs board also provides an opportunity for companies to improve the diversity within their workforce.

What's currently going on in the industry?

In the digital era, there have been some improvements in terms

of work cultures and technology that makes it easier for people with

disabilities to be included in the workspace. However, there’s not

enough awareness and integration across the globe. HR departments lack

the opportunities to recruit diverse employees and are not really

inclusive in the recruitment process.

What competitors exist?

In the last years there have been more diverse job platforms launched. However, people with disabilities are still struggling to access the websites due to lack of accessibility as the traditional job boards are not customized for all kinds of disabilities. The team behind ensure that they use the latest technology to provide a disabled user-friendly platform.

Company Birth Story

The company was founded by a motivated team of people with disabilities who managed to thrive in their careers despite their disabilities. The team behind MyDisabilityJobs came together with the goal of making it easier for other people with disabilities who struggle to find a secure job or a fulfilling career path within an inclusive workplace.

Who makes up the core team is managed by a team of people who were able to find solutions thanks to their diverse profile. The team understands and can relate to the issues that people with disabilities encounter when it comes to finding a job and using new technologies. They’re committed to promoting a diverse workplace where everyone deserves an equal chance to showcase their skills and talents, and have social inclusion through employment opportunities.

Founder's quote

"Your so-called weakness can turn out to be your biggest strength if you allow yourself to see it. You can do anything you put your mind to with a “can do” attitude."

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