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Find your creative side with Right Side Patterns

What is Right Side Patterns?

Right Side Patterns (RSP) is a digital sewing pattern company and online community to teach at home sewing in an affordable and accessible way.

The current industry landscape

There are 4 commercial sewing pattern companies have been leading the industry since their conception and are often referred to as ‘the big 4’. These companies produce primarily paper patterns which can be bought in craft stores and department stores for a $10-15 price point, and often have instructions that require previous sewing knowledge and knowhow.

Recently there has been a move from these companies and others to make more accessible patterns that can be printed at home and therefore purchased from anywhere in the world. Since COVID, this is a growing market as more people have taken to at-home sewing and spending more time indoors on hobbies than outside socializing.

The birth of the company

RSP started over the summer of 2020 because Flora, the founder, was tired of seeing uninspiring commercial sewing patterns that were often dated, expensive and had overly complex instructions. Having learnt to sew as a child, Flora always found it to be a fun creative outlet and found commercial patterns often took away the fun by being too confusing and frustrating. She wanted to create patterns that followed modern trends and were also accessible to anyone from anywhere.

The RSP goal

Since conception, the company has had over 7400 sales across 65 countries and gained over 6000 social media followers. Flora's goal with RSP was always to inspire a new generation to sew and make their own clothes, and RSP's success would suggest that they are achieving that. Slow fashion and sustainability are also at the heart of the company, and RSP strongly believe that by understanding the time and effort that goes into clothing production, its customers will think more critically and responsibly about their fashion consumption. RSP is different to competitors as it is highly customer focused – it regularly checks trending clothing styles and provide patterns to suit the customers, provide individualized help and feedback on sewing projects and encourage a community of sharing and teaching sewing skills.

Customer experience

Many of RSP's customers have informed them that they had never sewn before using their patterns and often found the concept of making their own clothes exciting but intimidating. They are always so proud of their work and inspired to continue creating after trying out one of RSP's patterns and making their first ever garment.


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