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Female Founders from the University of Cambridge LaunchMimicrete to Advance Next-gen Self-Healing

What the company does?

Mimicrete is an advanced materials science start up developing novel self-healing concrete, Implementing biomimetic self-healing concrete technologies and enable a sustainable built environment. The technology was developed via a doctorate within the University of Cambridge's Geotechnical and Environmental Research Group in the Department of Engineering.

The Current Landscape

All concrete cracks, which as a material responsible for up to 8% of global carbon emissions is significant. Reducing the amount of concrete needed via drastically improving the lifespan of build structures is necessary for reaching net zero.

True self-healing concrete is relatively nascent the current market entails improving concrete’s waterproofing via crystalline waterproofing admixtures (CWAs) but these do not fully repair concrete. The primary competition in this space comes from Green Basilisk who the only commercial player with a genuine self-healing approach utilising bacteria embedded within concrete mix.

Company Birth Story

Leveraging work conducted within the University of Cambridge in 2021, Mimicrete’s three female founders, along with deep-tech venture builder, Cambridge Future Tech (CFT), developed a unique approach to disrupt the £800bn global concrete market.

The technology was originally worked on by Dr Liz Zijing Li (COO) during her PhD with further technical work from Dr Livia Ribeiro de Souza (CTO) and commercial and financial partnerships from CFT and Arta Selmani.

The Solution

Mimicrete have developed a self-healing concrete system based on a vascular network containing a healing agent. Mimicrete’s technology requires no manual intervention post-installation.

Self-healing concrete whereby cracks are automatically healed as soon as they are formed is enabling a new age of infrastructure. Mimicrete embeds a vascular system inside of the infrastructure to deliver healing agents, mimicking processes in plants and animals. This vascular system can supply abundant quantities of healing agent and autonomously heal larger size cracks, as well as provide multiple processes of healing, without considerable impact on the structural properties.

The Team Culture

Mimicrete is a high paced, scientific company founded by three exceptional female founders.

Dr Liz Zijing Li – Chief Scientific Officer & Inventor

PhD from the Geotechnical and Environmental Research Group at the University of Cambridge Engineering Faculty. Delloite Alumna

Arta Selmani - Chief Executive Officer

Experienced Technology Founder and CEO. Operational and Strategy Expert.

University of Cambridge, Business School Alumna

Dr Livia Ribeiro de Souza - Chief Technology Officer

Senior Post Grad Researcher from the Geotechnical and Environmental

Research Group at the University of Cambridge Engineering Faculty

A founder quote

“With innovation like Mimicrete’s we can help de-carbonize the construction industry by using less concrete, cutting ongoing maintenance expenditures, yearly carbon emissions and reducing the overall environmental impact” says Arta Selmani, CEO at Mimicrete.

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