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Experience Experts at Your Fingertips™ with The SKILLR® App

What is Skillr?

SKILLR is revolutionizing how we ask for help and learn new skills. The first-of-its-kind app offers live, on- demand experts in a pay-by-the-minute format for one-on-one video chatting, ensuring "You Got a Guy™" to help you out.

The Current Landscape

This app is truly unique by offering live, on-demand video chats with experts in a pay-per-minute format. Some competitors require costly memberships, have set schedules you need to work around or rely on prerecorded videos. SKILLR believes these things pale in comparison to the personalized help you receive when it’s a live one-on-one video chat and, most importantly, consumers want live help when it is convenient for them. Typically access to an Expert when you need them is for those with resources and affluence, we aim to bring Pros to everyone at an affordable cost.

Company Birth Story

SKILLR came to be when its CEO couldn’t find someone on-demand to help answer a question. It’s not always convenient to wait for a pro to fit you into their schedule or watch prerecorded videos hoping they answer your question. The team realized SKILLR could solve two problems: give consumers one-on- one live help from a pro and those pros looking to make extra money in their spare time, can do so from the comfort of their own home.

The Solution

SKILLR is on a mission to enable consumers to ‘tap’ the wisdom of others, making using pros in your everyday life as easy and as natural as hailing a cab with a rideshare app.

The SKILLR App continues to grow since launching in February. Currently offering more than 50 skills, that number is anticipated to triple this summer with new Skillrs being added each week.

SKILLR aims to be a one-stop shop for on-demand one-on-one help, education and entertainment. This first-of-its-kind app innovates how knowledge is transferred and skill-sharing is accomplished by adding a human layer to the internet via a real online person by your side. Yoga instructors, chefs, musicians, cannabis connoisseurs, guitar instructors, homework helpers, tarot card readers and crypto currency experts are just a few of the many types of Skillrs you'll find on the platform.

A Customer Story

Since SKILLR’s launch, users have shared how much they enjoy the uniqueness of talking to an Expert in real-time. The human connection is something we have lost with the internet and SKILLR is bringing that back into the mix. Some users book Pros over and over because they trust them and have built a bond that transcends just answering a one-off question.

The Team Culture

SKILLR’s culture is key to the brand and its success. From day one SKILLR made it clear what they stand for and seek to bring people onto the team that share the same energy and passion. The team is diverse and representative of who the company is. The biggest lesson SKILLR has learned about its company culture is to act quickly if someone is not a good fit. As the company grows, the team has made it a priority to keep the culture and energy at the forefront of its hiring decisions.

A Founder Quote

"Realizing most consumers don't learn effectively by just watching prerecorded videos, our team set out to build the SKILLR App to create a marketplace for instant, affordable one-on-one video chat access to experts for your everyday needs and wants. The SKILLR App has the potential to improve learning outcomes and create innovative, fun, and rewarding experiences for our consumers, all while driving human connection. When you're trying to learn or do something new, there's really no substitute for talking to someone face-to-face. The SKILLR App now lets you accomplish this online in an affordable, easy and instantaneous manner."

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