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Exalate is Leading the New Market of Cross-company Integrations

What the company does?

Exalate is a fast-growing IT startup with over 60 people across more than 7 different countries and is completely bootstrapped. The Exalate product is the leading cross-company integration solution that aims to seamlessly connect companies and teams, no matter what platform they are on.

The Current Landscape

It's a collaborative world we live and work in and it needs to be connected. The demand for software integration has significantly risen in the past few years since remote work has become an inseparable part of almost everyone's life.

While new integration solutions keep emerging every day, Exalate takes the lead for being the only decentralized integration solution among its competitors. And that is what makes it a unique one- stop solution for any size of business and enterprise.

Company Birth Story

iDalko - the company behind Exalate - was founded in 2011 in Antwerp as an Atlassian solution partner, and expanded its offerings beyond the Atlassian market with its integration tool, Exalate. From the earliest version of the product, iDalko saw the global and limitless potential of Exalate to build a worldwide network of interconnected companies.

The company was one of the very first start-ups to join Start it @KBC, Belgium's largest accelerator. The scale-up later also received a capital injection from the KBC Start-up Fund.

Today iDalko can count on an international team of over 90 employees worldwide, who together speak more than 24 languages across 5 offices. Almost 30% of Fortune Top 50 Companies use Exalate to collaborate.

The Solution

As the leading cross-company integration solution, Exalate has an impactful mission. It aims to make collaboration easy enabling every team and company to work from their own familiar environment.

Other integration/ synchronization solutions on the market typically only provide a centralized integration where user autonomy can be overlooked. But Exalate provides its users with full control over their incoming and outgoing data. So they can precisely decide what to share, and more importantly, what not to share. Decentralized integration means fewer risks of data leakage, higher information security, and easier scalability.

It also offers maximum flexibility thanks to its powerful scripting engine. So to make almost any use case work, the users can choose between different Exalate configuration modes, from basic to advanced script mode.

A Customer Case

For many companies, it is highly important to keep the data intact and secure. It is the same for Wireless car who works with leading brands in the automotive industry like VW, Subaru, Jaguar Landrover, Daimler, and Nissan. They are an innovative player in the connected digital services field providing connectivity and digitized ecosystems for carmakers.

Wireless car uses Exalate to set up an integration between their Jira and their customer's ServiceNow to achieve autonomy and guaranteed security when pulling data.

You can read the full story here.

The Team Culture

The company's multicultural and remote-first setting fosters an inclusive, proactive, and collaborative work environment where every team member belongs, contributes, and can thrive. The people of Exalate welcome creative approaches, fresh ideas, and forward-thinking.

"We strengthen what unites us, yet we celebrate what makes us different"

Together, the team speaks more than 25 languages and represents more than 30 different nationalities, but understanding is the common language.

As the company pursues its ambitious vision and expands rapidly, the team remembers to enjoy and appreciate the journey. And to have some fun along the way.

A founder quote

"Companies are constantly adapting to the changing world. Technology must evolve quickly, while at the same time, organizations must be able to collaborate seamlessly. Our integration software helps build intercompany networks that are quick to implement and easy to join."

-Francis Martens, Product Owner and CEO

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