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Ever wondered what the research actually says about your questions?

What the company does

Consensus is a search engine that uses AI to find users answers in scientific research.

No matter your expertise level, you can ask Consensus a question and be returned relevant and consumable findings from peer- reviewed papers.

The Current Landscape

Most consumers get their information from Google and social media, but everyone now knows that ad-based business models are not optimizing for rigorous scientific information.

The current landscape of scientific search engines consists of legacy products like Google Scholar and Pubmed. These are built for researchers, not everyday users. They also only have simple keyword search, do no analysis for you, and have lacked any real innovation in a decade. None are particularly user friendly and lack the user experience to be used for anything outside of deep research dives.

Company Birth Story

Consensus was founded by two ex-division one football players who were avid science consumers but were frustrated with the inability to access rigorous information in a quick and consumable fashion.

Both were working in tech and started the company alongside their day jobs amid the COVID pandemic. In the fall of 2021, the founders quit their jobs after raising a pre-seed round to build Consensus.

The Solution

The first version of Consensus is an AI-powered search engine that returns relevant findings from peer-reviewed literature to users’ questions.

Consensus is different from traditional academic search engines because it does the analysis for you by extracting relevant conclusions, allows for advanced semantic searching and is purpose built to be a user-friendly experience for people of any expertise level.

Consensus is different from widely used search engines because it is built only over peer-reviewed sources, and is 100% ad-free giving the team at Consensus every incentive to focus only on delivering rigorous information and not optimizing for clicks and ad dollars.

In 10 months since being funded, Consensus has executed notable partnerships with data providers such as Semantic Scholar, Core and SciScore, and built and launched the first iteration of their product to 500 users with a public launch coming in September.

A founder quote

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