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ESG Flo: Transforming ESG Compliance Through AI Automation

What ESG Flo does

ESG Flo is a SaaS compliance platform that enables companies to automatically produce ESG audit-ready metrics from raw data across PDFs, spreadsheets, and other sources. The solution is cloud-native, helping enterprises act fast to map to ESG reporting frameworks with accuracy, transparency, and efficiency.

The Current Landscape

The business world is increasingly standardizing ESG performance disclosures. This surge in ESG compliance and transparency requirements stems from various stakeholders, including investors, regulators, and customers. Within this framework, companies are struggling in disclosing previously unreported and unmeasured business information. This entails the collection of a vast array of new data from a wide range of sources; they are still relying on manual data management processes, which are not only prone to errors but also exceedingly time-consuming.

Company Birth Story

ESG Flo was created to assist companies in addressing the complexities of this evolving ESG landscape. Patrick Obeid, its founder and CEO, brings a wealth of knowledge from his background in environmental engineering, coupled with a decade of experience spearheading sustainability and energy initiatives at Bain & Company. It was there that the seeds for ESG Flo were sown. Obeid recognized the escalating global demand for transparent ESG disclosures and the data management hurdles faced by sustainability teams. He then decided to partner with the Founder’s Studio, Bain & Company’s venture studio, to create a cutting-edge SaaS platform for ESG data management and compliance.

The Solution

ESG Flo is redefining ESG data management with an ERP 2.0 approach. The mission is to foster a business ecosystem where ESG conversations are as important as financial ones. ESG Flo offers an ESG compliance platform powered by best in class, AI-powered data ingestion capabilities and comprehensive traceability features for third-party verification. It simplifies ESG reporting, supports responsible decision-making, and facilitates compliance. These unique features have led to securing $5.25 million in seed funding from notable VCs – Rho Ignition, Tola Capital, and Contour Ventures.

The Team Culture

ESG Flo's team culture is deeply rooted in the ethos of Bain and Company, reflecting values like integrity, excellence, and a passion for results. The unique Bain connection, exemplified by the CEO Patrick Obeid, infuses the team with a culture of ‘True North’ - striving for the right, aiming for excellence, and fostering boldness.

A founder quote

"In ten years, ESG or Sustainability won't just be an adjunct to business strategy; it will be synonymous with it. At ESG Flo, we're not just adapting to this change; we're leading it." - Patrick Obeid, Founder and CEO, ESG Flo.

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