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Emotional Subtitles as the Next Frontier of Digital Accessibility

What the company does

Valence Vibrations is an emotion AI startup delivering emotional subtitles in real-time conversation to help people better read the room. They’ve created emotional communication tools for both in-person and virtual environments, and see emotion recognition as the next extension of digital accessibility.

The Current Landscape

Emotional recognition technology has existed for years in call centers and other sales applications. Valence Vibrations is the first company to open the hood and provide real-time emotional subtitles for all speakers in a conversation to make use of emotional classifications to improve communication.

Company Birth Story

Valence Vibrations was founded by two students at the University of Southern California, Chloe Duckworth and Shannon Brownlee. They entered a haptics hackathon with the idea of expressing emotions with haptic feedback as a sensory augmentation technology. After seeing the initial buzz about their project in the hackathon, they formed a company and graduated early to launch.

The Solution

Valence Vibrations aims to support emotional subtitles across digital platforms to improve emotional communication and empathy across people with different neurotypes, accents, and other demographics that affect the way they vocalize emotion. The company promotes a pro-neurodiversity mission by honoring the value of each person’s unique voice without forcing people to conform to one communication standard.

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