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Develop and strengthen your business links and exposure with LinkDoctor

What is LinkDoctor?

LinkDoctor provides SEO and link building services to startups, SMEs and Enterprises spread across the globe.

The current industry landscape

The field of work is very dynamic. New trends are coming every day, the vision has to change with the changing landscape of the market. The company tries to adopt the changes while clenching their core ethics and values.

The current trends the digital market is witnessing is an advancement of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning). Google’s RankBrain is one example where search engines are implementing more AI in their system.

Most recent Google updates like BERT and Core vital are examples of how Google is focusing more on machine learning. These technologies are being developed to deliver a top notch user experience. LinkDoctor tries every day to update its processes, understanding and stay ahead of the market trends.

How LinkDoctor was founded

Samuel Darwin is the President of LinkDoctor and CEO of Joy Technologies. His co-founder Daniel Martin and himself both started their work-life differently. Samuel has been in this industry for more than a decade, working in over three continents. His work experience comes from working with Fortune 100 companies in digital marketing and product management.

Similarly, Daniel has worked in the UK for one of the top aviation companies in the world. While working in the UK, he understood the power of teamwork and people-centric leadership. He shifted his vision to create an empowered team throughout the globe. Both of them had flourishing careers. However, entrepreneurship and leadership were embedded into their hearts.

One such fine day, they met over an event and talked about their respective occupations. Amid the conversation, they found that their interests and vision aligned in the same direction. Samuel and Daniel started their journey together by building teams across the globe and launching several online businesses. They started by focusing on producing quality content and product to the market, but slowly understood the importance of being a good marketer to keep sustaining.

At that time they changed their course to focus more on SEO and link building absorbing all the knowledge in the process. After a few years of improving their techniques and hard work, Samuel and Daniel found some breakthrough techniques which lead to immense growth in their business. This hard work paid them off as an established link builder in the digital SEO world.

One evening while discussing this success over dinner with a friend, he suggested building a standalone business based on link building. The suggestion got stuck in Samuel's mind, and he and Daniel decided to start their own business. Samuel's friend offered to be their first client.

And that’s how LinkDoctor came into existence.

LinkDoctor's focus

LinkDoctor is a group of industry-best professionals on building links and helping their clients to make their footprint embedded in the digital world with unforeseen success. The company’s ethics are:

  • Work hard play hard

  • To give respect to everyone like you would give yourself

  • Learning and evolving personally

  • Keeping an open mindset to grasp knowledge from your surroundings.

The organization’s motto is to follow the users and not the search engines. LinkDoctor's focus is to streamline their work to benefit the end-user, cutting through the chase and delivering fantastic valuable information and products for the users. When the users feel that LinkDoctor's work is being valuable to us, search engines follow us and reward us.

Customer experience

LinkDoctor has seen many of their clients achieve top SERP rankings and that makes us happy. An example of LinkDoctor's client success story would be to help Top Speed ranking in the top 2 in the SERP. They were facing problems like a decrease in 50% traffic and loss of rankings.

LinkDoctor's solution to them was to make amendments in their On-page SEO changes including changes in their URL structure. They also did organic search outreach which helped them gain the lost traffic. Their combined hard work resulted in pushing their key page from position 10 to position 2 in search rankings for two highly competitive keywords. This resulted in both an increase in traffic and revenues for them.

The team culture

The team is a culturally diverse team of people from all over the world. They have their employees majorly as Digital marketers, content writers, outreach specialists, and business development executives.

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