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De Novo: Unveiling a Lint-Free Revolution of Sustainability, Style, and Purpose

What De Novo Does

Meet De Novo, the vibrant disruptor that's sweeping the lint roller scene and rewriting the rules of everyday problem-solving. They're not just talking about lint here; they're talking about a complete transformation that's sustainable, stylish, and oh-so-effective. At the heart of it all? Their ingenious reusable microfiber brushes – the ultimate game-changer for your lint and debris battles.

Let's start at the core – De Novo is all about crafting reusable microfiber brushes that wage war on lint and debris, giving you the upper hand in the never-ending laundry saga. But there's a twist that makes us stand out: these aren't your run-of-the-mill tools. Unlike traditional lint rollers that rely on disposable sticky sheets (and promptly end up as landfill fodder), our products are designed for the long haul. Yes, you heard that right – they're talking about stylish, sustainable solutions that redefine what it means to be practical.

The current landscape

The lint roller landscape is undergoing a green revolution, and De Novo is leading the charge. The era of reusable alternatives is dawning, and guess what? They're front and center. Our competitors are following suit, introducing innovative materials, trendy designs, and initiatives that rally communities. It's not just about picking lint off your clothes anymore; it's about customization, variety, and connecting with fellow eco-warriors.

Company Birth story

Picture this: founder Eliana facing the lintpocalypse of pregnancy – shedding challenges that led to a spark of genius. Out of this chaos emerged the idea that would reshape lint rollers forever. Recognizing the dire need for a sustainable and chic solution, Eliana embarked on a mission. The result? De Novo's reusable microfiber brushes that effortlessly tackle lint while giving disposable sheets a run for their money.

The Solution

Eliana's brainchild quickly caught the industry's attention, forging partnerships with major retailers like Zulily and FabFitFun. The secret to our rapid success? A triple-threat combo of innovation, style, and sustainability. But our journey isn't just about us; it's about lifting entire communities. Generous discounts for students, seniors, and veterans, coupled with donations to causes like animal shelters, form the cornerstone of our holistic approach.

Changing lives

De Novo isn't just a brand; it's a lifestyle shift. Our reusable brushes aren't just handy tools – they're catalysts for change. Imagine simplifying your routine while championing sustainability. They're not stopping at lint; they're creating a ripple effect of positive change. Generous discounts empower individuals, charitable donations touch lives, and our products inspire conscious consumer choices.

The Team Culture

Let's get personal. De Novo is a symphony of dedicated minds: Eliana, the visionary founder with a heart for sustainability; Adam, the strategic partner who propels our dreams forward; a tribe of contract superheroes who infuse their expertise into every fiber of our brand. And the magic doesn't stop there. Frankly Fulfillment, our trusted 3PL partner, ensures that our seamless operations dance to the rhythm of perfection.

But here's the real kicker – our journey isn't a solitary one. Late-night brainstorming sessions transformed challenges into innovations, and our meetings echoed with laughter, weaving us into a close-knit, resilient family.

"From shedding challenges to sustainable solutions, De Novo embodies resilience, innovation, and a shared commitment to a brighter, greener future." - Eliana, Founder of De Novo

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