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What is is a brand developed by PicUp.Ai team under Winroad Holdings Ltd, a company in Hong Kong that has built PingPong, the world’s second multi-platform cross-border payment service provider. When the founding team was looking for a solution to help process numerous e-commerce photos, they came up with the idea to establish, an AI-powered automatic

visual design platform.

What does offer?

This platform uses artificial intelligence and computer vision technologies to provide industry-leading solutions for customers in various fields such as graphic design, e-commerce, print-on-demand, photo and video processing APIs, online education, car dealership, travel agency, real estate, etc.

Their current AI toolkit includes features to remove image background, remove video background, enhance photo, colorize photo, retouch photo, turn photos into cartoons, aimate photos, and to create passport photo or ID photo. features are simple to use. Just by drag and drop, a photo is processed in a second using the algorithm. They also tailor needs to businesses that have batch photo processing demand through API calls. Now they have 3 million registered users worldwide, growing exponentially in the third year since its launch. can help businesses save time and effort on repetitive design and photo processing work. Suppose you are running a customization e-commerce website. In that case, your customers can upload their images to create unique products, thus boosting sales.

If you are a developer developing social media apps for people, avatar images can be generated in a second based on their image. It protects people’s privacy while giving people unique identities online. There is just so much to explore with fun AI features and you may have already seen them getting popular on TikTok and Instagram.

Team Vision is just one of the computer vision technology platforms under PicUp.AI team. This team also build other tools such as the stock photo site immerse zone and video editing platform cheerful video. This team consists of tech professionals and Ph.D. graduates in computer science from top-tier universities all around the world and their work has been featured in top journals such as CCV and TMM. PicUP.AI team believes that technology creates art and can provide everyone with convenience and creativity.

Current industry landscape

According to, AI in the computer vision market is expected to be worth USD 51.3 billion by 2026. Also, By 2026, APAC is predicted to have the greatest compound annual growth rate. Countries like China, Japan, and South Korea are likely to be the most prominent players.

AI can do various things in the photo editing niche, especially for the creator economy. wants to be a company more than just creating photo processing automation tools, but help more creators to thrive using AI. Some features such as avatar image creation and virtual video background are critical to the futuristic metaverse concept. wants to help in this transition into the metaverse, and the creativity generated by AI will be unlimited.

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