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Cryo Energy enhancing the way of life

What is Cryo Energy?

“It’s Just Air!” Yes a Zero Emissions Eco-System enabled and accelerated simply by the Air We All Breathe. Cryo Energy's proprietary technology allows the atmospheric air humans breathe everyday to be chilled into a liquid that serves as a Non-Toxic Zero emissions “fuel” source that powers vehicles, emergency power, and a distributed energy network.

The current industry landscape

Cryo Energy's technology sits directly at the intersection of the multi-trillion dollar Energy and Transportation markets, both of which are going through the biggest transition in over a century. The company also sits right in the middle of the multi-trillion dollar infrastructure boom currently taking place all around the globe.

The creation of Cryo Energy

Cryo Energy has been directly involved with product development for decades, with a specialty for creating innovative solutions for the automotive sector. They have created one of the original systems which now is referred to as Phone-As-A-Key solutions. Their patented Liquid Air/Nitrogen designs originated as solutions for LNG and over the years they have improved those designs to the point that natural gas is no longer necessary at all and one can simply use the free abundant air that humans all breathe instead.

How Cryo Energy works

CryomatiKs innovative design solutions combine 100+ year old proven air condensing technology with their patented Cryo Turbo air expansion technology, and telematics / wireless connectivity technology. They help to “enable and accelerate” adoption of all the leading zero emissions technologies (including Liquid Air/Nitrogen, Batteries, Hydrogen, Solar, Wind, and many others).

Their unique Cryo Turbo based Zero Emission Range Extender design is a true innovation within the automotive industry not only with the ability to use the air one breathes to serve as a type of “fuel” but also with the ability to scale the same fundamental design into dozens of various use cases to help drive down cost which also accelerates even more zero emission technology within the transportation sector. Performance is similar to current pure battery EVs, but due to the nature of the “fuel” being a liquid, this key feature means that Cryo Energy's proprietary Range Extender can be extremely convenient for the end user by allowing the all-important 5 minute quick refueling, plus automatic “Just In Time” portable refueling.

The engine design not only allows for extended driving range while releasing zero local emissions, but allows the sun and the wind to directly power transportation vehicles without releasing any emissions within that end to end process. The primary feedstock for the Cryo “fuel” is the atmospheric air itself, this allows for infinite scalability and prevents any one entity from controlling the feedstock materials, which is a major issue in all other drivetrain designs, regardless of whether the vehicle is being powered by gasoline, diesel, natural gas, batteries, or hydrogen.

Cryo Energy's innovation creates tremendous value with the potential to have much longer operating range than alternatives, lower upfront cost than alternatives, lower operating cost than alternatives, while also providing additional convenience relative to the alternatives. Their end to end zero emissions Eco-System has an immediate impact, by not only preventing the release of future pollution, but also increasing the quality of the local air in real time, as opposed to years down the road. They also target the use cases that create pollution in the most heavily densely populated areas first, such as last mile delivery vehicles, to help ensure the fastest improvement in air quality today.

How Cryo Energy influences society

Cryo Energy's pilot programs target large commercial vehicles such as city buses since many of the people that are most effected by pollution in the air as also the most likely to use city buses and other commercial vehicles for their daily transportation needs. This approach allows people of all income brackets, located all around the globe, to directly benefit from Cryo Energy's state of the art technology.

The Cryo Energy Team

The core of the team is compromised of individuals that have decades of experience with product development, project management, and manufacturing.

Mark Cann (CEO/ co - CTO) Highly Skilled specialist in mechanical energy systems plus 20+ years of hands on experience with design and installation for specific automotive vehicle technology. Many years of hands on experience in manufacturing, production, and distribution.

Calvin Amos (COO/ co-CTO) Accomplished engineering and management professional with over 35+ years of deep and diverse experience in Engineering Design, Project Management, and Financial Management for large Defense Contractors. BSEE, MBA-Finance.


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