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Create independent NFT focused media on NFTevening

What is NFTevening?

NFTevening is the number one website specialized in NFT news. Starting earlier this year, they focus on NFT collectibles, crypto art, and the best of blockchain games. Essentially, their aim is to be the go-to platform for NFT news, reporting the latest stories for NFT investors and creators alike.

They believe building a real media brand opens several opportunities; be that in organizing real-life events, creating an NFT collection, or simply developing new tools for the community. Recently, they also released an NFT calendar which allows any NFT-related project to create an event for exposure.

Theo explains that "NFT Investors can also use this visual tool as a resource to trade their NFT assets depending on upcoming announcements”. Incredibly, they offer this feature for free.

About the industry

NFT news sites tend to be jargon-laden and tech-heavy but NFTevening aims to make investor’s lives easy. Although they cover all NFT news, they know PFP (profile picture) avatar projects are on the rise. Like other leading news sites, they report on virtual worlds and metaverses. However, NFTevening also focuses on the growing NFT collectibles market. Actually, this also differentiates them from more blockchain game-specific sites, as they succeed in bringing NFT news to a less crypto-savvy audience.

The NFTevening team

Their co-founder, Theo Sastre Garau, tells of how it began. “My business partner and I were both NFT-enthusiasts, with a strong interest in crypto, gaming, and digital collectibles. I made my first transactions at the beginning of 2021 but struggled to find relevant and accessible information”. According to him, scouring a never-ending list of discord channels and solving cryptic tweets is beyond your regular crypto investor. Theo adds that “the information itself and the medium used are complex”.

Using their 4 years of experience building successful media companies, the Co-founders hope to create a single place for investors, artists, companies, and NFT enthusiasts.

Their team spans over 7 countries and 5 time zones yet they still manage to have some personal connection. The NFTevening team meet via video chat, send memes and chat about their personal lives. Although the NFT news industry is generally a happy place, there were also some challenges. Unfortunately, hiring writers for such a niche subject is not so easy.

Fortunately, their core writers, Princess Amaranto, Martin Hewitt, and Reethu Ravi, were there from the very beginning. Beyond writing and blockchain tech, their writers have a whole host of life experiences. Their diverse experience includes blockchain and journalism, but also engineering, culture, and art. Seemingly, this mainstream understanding is what really sets them apart. In short, the writers at NFTevening are encouraged to report from the heart.

In conclusion, NFTevening clearly takes the long-game approach. The team dedicates its efforts to grow with the community and - of course- releasing the best quality NFT news. They are always on the lookout for the best journalists too.

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