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What is Breakout?

Breakout is an audio social network for people who want high-quality, verified content that can be created and heard easily and is free from big-tech censorship. Breakout, a new free audio app represents a unique addition to the social media space that will let users not only connect and share without censorship, but also own and sell their own data. Breakout users can buy and sell data along with creating their very own NFTs in a secure marketplace.

The Current Landscape:

The Covid-19 worldwide pandemic gave rise to a new form of audio-only social media pioneered by Clubhouse, which last April was valued at $4 billion. This success drew competitors from larger established social platforms including Facebook and Twitter and digital content companies like Spotify. Breakout Social tries to improve the experience for users in two key areas – censorship and revenue-sharing re: data.

The establishment of the company

The founders of Breakout realized that the audio SaaS space was going to be the next big transition in social media, but thought it could be more innovative while incorporating features that are also changing the tech space. From cryptocurrencies, data ownership/brokerage to now the hottest marketplace of NFTs—why not have it all on one platform? Breakout will adapt and grow with the changing times and make the experience unique and convenient for everyone. A social network that is open to all viewpoints will allow users to freely be who they want to without any limitations. And instead of “being the product,” Breakout users can experience real monetization on a one-of-a-kind social media platform with exclusive technology integration for convenience all in one app.

The goal of the company

You want to connect, learn and share on social media, but the big-tech audio social networks treat you like a product. Breakout improves the experience with certainty and predictability, lets you profit from your data, build communities, ends fears of censorship and lets YOUR voice be heard.

Customer experience

Accommodating to all viewpoints allows our users to freely be who they want to without limitations. Monetization, one stop social media with technology integration for convenience all in one app. Everyone's an influencer in one way or another, through your community, through your posts and through your voice. It impacts someone whether it's big or small it counts. Putting those viewpoints on an audio social app that can then transform the opportunities into monetization and be in control of your own data is a massive advantage for our Breakout Users.

The team culture

The Breakout team is tremendously diverse, individually bringing together valuable expertise that drives innovation forward. They’re constantly thinking outside of the box, bridging the gaps where necessary—and embracing the innovation of technology.

“I believe people should be free. Truly free. Free to express themselves how they choose, free to say what they want to say, free from poverty, persecution, dictatorship the list goes on. There’s so much division in our world today that rises from one person's worldview being that others should not have the same freedom as them. I despise that. Everyone is valuable, deserves to be free—and deserves to be heard.”

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