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Comet: Revolutionizing MLOps for Machine Learning Teams

What Comet does

Comet provides a leading MLOps platform for ML teams from startup to enterprise, supporting any deployment strategy, infrastructure, and API-first integrations. Data scientists and machine learning engineers use the platform to streamline their ML workflow, increasing efficiency and effectiveness. Comet specializes in MLOps, helping teams improve model quality, governance, and performance, by allowing for easy collaboration and sharing of models and experimentation.

Comet's Current Landscape

While there are many companies focused on MLOps, there are two big categories:

1. Companies that want to be end-to-end players in the machine learning lifecycle. Some examples are AWS Sagemaker, Vertex, Databricks, etc.

2. Companies that specialize in one part of the ML lifecycle. Some examples are MLFlow, Neptune, etc. Comet falls into this second category.

Comet Birth Story

Gideon Mendels and Nimrod Lahev started Comet ML in 2017 after realizing a consistent gap in the model production process. From ML engineers at large companies such as Google to academics, no one could track the system of record of previous ML experiments. Mendels and Lahev set out to solve this problem.

Comet's Solution

Since 2017, Comet has raised almost $70M to continue evolving how ML teams work by providing a single platform they can use to manage and optimize the ML lifecycle, and over 150 enterprise customers trust Comet. While other products offer either experiment tracking or model monitoring tools, Comet delivers both in one ML development platform, allowing users to iterate faster from early experimentation to production and close the loop between research and production. Comet is continually launching new features and new integrations with popular libraries, frameworks and tools. For instance, recent integrations include YOLOv5, YOLOv8, and Metaflow. Organizations was also launched, a new product feature that allows users to be part of multiple organizations and easily navigate between them. Comet is growing across all departments to meet the high demand for its product and continues to improve its platform, doubling employee headcount year over year.

Comet's Team Culture

Comet is a remote-first, collaborative company where employees are cross-culturally diverse and work together to achieve a collective goal. Quality is essential, and employees take the time to get things right. Risk-taking and innovation are also core to the culture, enabling Comet to continue to build on the things that no other company has.

A founder quote

When asked about Comet’s role in the ML space, Gideon Mendels, Founder & CEO, said, “Comet is the de-facto ML development platform. Businesses around the world such as Uber, Etsy, Zappos, and many more use it as the core pillar of their AI and ML development. AI is the biggest technological leap in the last 100 years, but in order for businesses to see value from it, they invest in Comet as their core system for developing, experimenting, and using AI.”

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