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Colite Technologies’ Sustainable Energy Solutions Save Money and Reduce Carbon Emissions

What the company does

Colite Technologies is based in Columbia, SC and offers commercial and industrial customers sustainable energy solutions that reduce energy use and decrease carbon dioxide emissions. Their portfolio includes rooftop solar systems, off-grid renewable energy-powered lighting systems, and completed LED retrofits.

The Current Landscape

The renewable energy industry, particularly solar energy, is growing exponentially as renewable resources have become cost competitive to traditional energy resources. Many commercial and industrial businesses already have buildings or land that can leverage solar systems to offset a significant portion of overall energy costs. Paired with US federal and state tax incentives and financing programs, project return on investments become very attractive for investors.

Company Birth Story

Colite Technologies started with an idea to power lighting for monument signage. These signs are often far away from the buildings and trenching electric wires across the property to the sign is costly. Thus, by using solar energy and onsite battery storage, they could avoid trenching altogether and create a hands-off solution for lighting. Since then, the technology has evolved and become its own self-sustained lighting system that can be installed almost anywhere.

The Solution

Colite Technologies’ sustainable energy portfolio is now a critical part of a multifaceted energy audit. Their solutions address energy waste from multiple angles and provide more efficient, long-lasting alternatives to help businesses save money and be more sustainable. In just four years, the company has brought unique sustainability solutions to customers all over the Southeastern US, into the Northeast and out West. They expect to bring in nearly $10 million worth of projects this year and are on track to establish a stronghold in the industry. Colite Technologies is dedicated to introducing innovative products to companies looking for long term, sustainable solutions to their energy challenges.




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