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Co-founder of New Orleans Ghost Tour Company on Creating a Unique Business

What Unique NOLA Tours does

Unique NOLA Tours is a local New Orleans tour company that offers, local, ghost, and true crime tours.

The Current Landscape

Since ghost tours are a big part of this business the Halloween season is the best time for the ghost tour industry. Fall in general is a great time for business because people are looking for things to do with their kids and the weather is much nicer to walk around in. There are some local competitors that offer the same type of services but nationally you can’t compete with the experience offered. Unique NOLA’s services are specific to New Orleans and you can’t get this experience anywhere else.

Company Birth Story

Unique NOLA was created because there was a need for more intimate, historically accurate tours. The local competition offers tours with as many as 20-25 people on them. Unique NOLA’s tours are small, only 15 people max and are thoroughly researched to make sure customers get historically accurate information.

The Solution

Unique NOLA works hard to make sure that the information presented to customers is historically accurate. They also ensure that their guides are Lousiana certified, to ensure that all guests get the best experience. Offering smaller tours gives guests a more private experience and allows them to ask questions and really immerse themselves in the experience.

A founder quote

“The thing we love most about our business is the wide range (and I mean a very wide range) of people we have as customers. Quite literally every walk of life will find their way to one of our tours, as we have so many different audiences we target. It keeps life so interesting.” —Christopher Falvey, co-founder of Unique NOLA Tours, a ghost, true crime, and local tour company in New Orleans

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