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Bye-bye dripping sweat! Your workouts just got a whole lot drier with these new, activewear shirts

What the Sweaty Tees does

If you have been relying in your gym & paper towel supply to wipe off your workout sweat, you (and your gym) are now in luck! The Sweat Relief Company makes two unique activewear shirts (in tees and tank tops) that come with attached mini-towels so you can conveniently wipe away your annoying, excess sweat.

The Current Landscape

Available only on-line at the company’s website,, this company sells shirts in two styles. The first style, Tee with Pocket and Mini-towel, has a terry-cloth pocket for you to dry sweaty hands (think, sweaty elliptical hands). Use the mini-towel inside the pocket to dry sweat off your face and neck. A perfect sweat-solution! Plus your mini-towel doesn’t make contact with any gym equipment because it fits snugly inside of the pocket until it’s needed. The second style - Tee with Attached Panel, has a mini-towel sewn to the lower front of the shirt. Just lift the panel up towards your face to dry and use the panel to dry your hands. The tee has 5 inch slits on its sides for easy lifting.

Company Birth Story

The company got started when Joan, it’s founder realized that the two running shirts she alternated for her jogging had special benefits. Joan’s polyester tee was good at wicking the sweat off her body during her runs. But Joan liked to lift the bottom of her cotton tee to her face to wipe the sweat off her face – something she couldn’t do with her polyester shirt. Joan decided to sew cotton tee shirt fabric into the bottom of a polyester tee shirt and give her new creation a try. The results were good. Joan switched to terry cloth fabric instead of cotton fabric for extra absorbency. Later, the company switched to recycled polyester instead of regular polyester. Now the only shirts the company sells are made from sustainable fabrics and the terry cloth must be OEKO-TEX certified.

The Solution

The shirts are available for youth and adults. Youth tees can be customized which can be lots of fun! How about a pink tee with a turquoise pocket and lilac mini-towel?

A Customer Story

The benefit these shirts provide is they help eliminate annoying, dripping sweat quickly and conveniently. This in turn, keeps you more motivated and engaged during your workouts. Joan knew a friend who once commented that she doesn’t workout because she dislikes the dripping sweat that came with it. These activewear shirts will encourage you to get off the couch and go workout!

The Team Culture

The shirts are assembled in Michigan, USA. The company is looking for ways to spread brand awareness. It anticipates traveling to fitness forums in the near future. Currently it uses social media and influencers to raise brand awareness. It is looking to form a partnership with like-minded individuals to help build the company.

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