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Brain Bump is Disrupting Publishing, Podcasting, and a Whole Lot More

What Brain Bump does

Realizing most people forget what they read in books and blogs, and hear in podcasts, talks, and classes, patent-pending Brain Bump changes how people access and remember content. It helps people remember what they read and hear and makes the content accessible when and where the user needs it.

Brain Bump's Current Landscape

While there are book summary apps, as with the book, people soon forget what they learned. There are also flashcard apps, but the user is limited to existing sets (which don’t exist for most books and podcasts) or must create their own.

Brain Bump takes concepts from those and other tools to give you a differentiated app optimized for learning retention and information application.

Brain Bump Birth Story

The company’s founder, MIT educated Mark Herschberg, wrote a business book based on a class he teaches at MIT. Knowing that students and book readers soon forget what they learn he wanted to help them retain that knowledge. Drawing on his experience in the fields of technology, media, and education Mark envisioned the solution and searched for the tool he needed—but it didn’t exist. After creating an app for his book, he realized this would work for any content.

The Solution

Content creators put tips, quotes, and ideas from their content on the platform.

Content consumers download the free app. Once installed they can select content sets from a growing catalogue of books, blogs, podcasts, talks, and classes. Every month new content is added. Each content set (e.g., a book) contains a collection of tips from that source.

There are two access modes. Just-in-time lets you quickly find what you need when you need it, e.g., pulling up networking tips five minutes before an event. The passive learning mode gives you a daily reminder, at a time you set, to help keep what you learned top of mind using the proven technique of spaced repetition. The app only sends specific notifications requested by the user and they can be turned off any time, so it doesn’t bombard the user with unwanted messages.

What’s innovative is it flips the social media model on its head. Social media and email push content to users, who may or may not be receptive to the idea at the time. Brain Bump lets the user pull relevant content when and where the user needs it.

A Customer Story

“I love the Brain Bump app! It’s so fast and easy and jump starts my day with tips and information I can use right away. It’s good to know that I can go there and find what I’m looking for – any time, even at the last minute,” wrote one user.

Ben Baker author of Leading Beyond a Crisis, one of the books on the app, said, “I truly believe that this new innovative format enables people the microlearning they desire and the ability to reference larger amounts of content when it suits them. It is a great way to build my brand and content library.”

A founder quote

Herschberg sees a fundamental change in how people access content in the future, describing non-linear models of engagement. "Where you read ideas isn't always where you need ideas. Brain Bump lets you easily access the ideas when and where you need them."


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