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Billionaire Caped Crusader Chooses to Dress Up Like a Bat and Torment a Mentally Ill Person Instead

What Toast does

An improv party card game for articulate degenerates, which surprisingly has nothing to do with the aforementioned caped crusader. Players compete in a battle of wit and lunacy by improvising responses to awful, ridiculous, and controversial scenarios (like this article’s title) while incorporating a secret codeword in their response.

Toast's Current Landscape

What’s intriguing about the tabletop gaming industry is that there are little-to-no barriers to entry. A founder in this space doesn’t need to know rocket science, Python, or molecular biology, and doesn’t really need any technical skills. The result is an industry with thousands of games and potentially hundreds of competitors to Toast, including What Do You Meme, Joking Hazard, and Cards Against Humanity.

Toast’s Birth Story

Toast’s Founder and CEO craved two things: (1) a creative outlet and (2) to entertain people. After watching a friend on their Instagram story give raunchy hypothetical scenarios to the other passengers in their Uber, Toast’s Founder had the iconic lightbulb moment – he thought he could totally turn that into a game. Hundreds of crazy scenarios were made over a year and a half on a Google Doc to combat the monotony of corporate work and eventually Toast improv card game was born.

The Solution

Toast is the newest and greatest hit to the party card game scene since Cards Against Humanity launched in 2011, in an industry where many competitors fail to push the boundaries. In Toast, players are transported into these hilarious (and sometimes offensive) situations while their friends watch them succeed or struggle at improvising responses to. Toast wants to set a new precedent for party card games, where players can let their creativity shine, versus traditional card games which pave the path for players.

The Vision: After Toast successfully sells more games than Exploding Kittens, puts more candidates into office than the NRA, and continues to not defraud millions of users on crypto exchanges by not gambling with customer funds, the Founders will create expansion packs, attempt to understand what NFT’s are, and develop future innovative tabletop games.

A founder quote

“It's tough creating a fun game where at any moment you could be escaping from Epstein's Island while reciting Hitler's Oscar acceptance speech.” – Eli Bienstock, Toast… a game of awful scenarios founder and CEO

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