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BattlePACs: Helping Students Engage in Meaningful Discourse

What BattlePACs does

BattlePACs is an organization that provides a platform for people to engage in thoughtful, respectful conversations with individuals from different political perspectives, in an attempt to bridge the growing political divide in America. It aims to create a safe space for users to debate and exchange ideas, and it also provides a student engagement platform to connect students with others who have differing views.

Company Birth Story

Upon the launch of BattlePACs, the organization initially aimed to reach the entire population of voters with the goal of providing a solution to the highly polarized political environment and lack of participation from the majority of Americans in the current political process. However, it soon became clear that this broad approach was not sustainable. The organization shifted its strategy and decided to focus on a more specific and targeted market - young, engaged, and politically active individuals. By narrowing its focus to this more engaged audience, BattlePACs has been able to provide a more personalized and tailored experience to its users and meet their specific needs. This has enabled the organization to build a more engaged user base, and leverage that engagement to design a platform that helps bridge the gap between the two most polarizing sides of the political debate.

The Solution

BattlePACs is on a determined journey to bridge America's widening political divide by offering a platform for users to engage in thoughtful and meaningful conversations with individuals from the opposite side of the political spectrum. The organization is committed to creating a safe, inviting, and respectful space for users to debate and exchange ideas without fear of judgement or ridicule.

The platform of BattlePACs stands out from others in the realm of political discourse in several ways. One of its key differentiators is its ability to appeal to users from both sides of the aisle, allowing them to connect over shared beliefs and interests, rather than just focusing on the differences that divide them.

One of the organization's most significant offerings is a student engagement platform that utilizes AI to optimize the student experience by providing proximity-based engagement tools to connect with others within their area. These tools not only bring students offline, but also provide more opportunities for students to engage with others who may have differing views. The app will also feature productivity tools for students to engage in their coursework, as well as for extra side income or even to help them land a job or internship.

A founder quote

“The vitriol in the media and on social media is a reflection of the state of political discourse in our country right now,” says Aaron Rafferty. This doesn't accomplish much,” Rafferty says. “It inhibits real, substantive progress on important issues, turns citizens against each other and tears at the fabric of our country. This is what we hope to change with BattlePACs.”

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