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Are you being scanned for use of AI? Everyone should check, startup argues (13)

What the company does

You may not know that your essays and are scanned for use of AI. AI Detector Pro believes some people may be over-scrutinized and have their lives severely impacted by false positives. The company has launched a consumer-focused detection platform that can be used by to scan content before submission. (50)

The Current Landscape

Companies in the current AI Detection landscape focus on B2B. Additionally, everyone faces a race to keep their platforms updated against advances in GPT, which requires daily software development and testing. This is onerous when competing for sales in the B2B market. As a result, competitors have carved out B2B niches. Competitors in AI detection include TurnitIn, Writer and Sapling.

Company Birth Story

AI Detector Pro launched in February of 2023. It founded by two technology professionals who became concerned about the potential for AI detection technology to disrupt lives with false positives. The founders decided that AI detection should also serve consumers. After learning additional details about how minority students routinely face accusations of cheating even without AI use, they launched with a focus on the B2C market. Their use has skyrocketed among students, jobseekers and employees who may be unaware that their content is being scanned for use of AI.

The Solution

Launched in February of 2023, AI Detector Pro made its first sale within 15 minutes of go-live, validating the founders’ thesis that AI detection had overlooked a critical market. To date the company has 13,000 global users, and has processed 30,000 reports for its clients. The startup’s competitive differentiator is their commitment to daily software development and testing of its platform. Because of their ability to generate daily revenue with consumers, AI Detector Pro has matched the pace of updates to GPT and finetuned their algorithm on an ongoing basis. From February to June, the company updated their algorithm for GPT 2, 3, 4 and BARD and maintaining a detection accuracy of 99.3%. In keeping with their consumer-focused commitment, they offer their users a money-back guarantee. The company’s vision is to stay current with AI technology, and level the playing field for the most vulnerable, like BIPOC students, and jobseekers. AI Detector Pro builds technology based on a presumption of innocence over malintent in AI use. Following their growth from 5,000 to 10,000 users in 2 weeks, the founders began to conduct product marketing research with its users. The startup is launching advanced editing features for students and jobseekers on August 1 st . (202)

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