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App With A Mission To Save Lives During Mass Shootings

What the company does?

Critical Event Response Applications (CERA) is a real-time active threat response system that connects police and medical responders with teachers, students, and other citizens, automating key tasks and providing police and first responders with a live overview of an entire incident.

The Current Landscape

CERA- is a visual response platform for public safety to move quickly in crisis, command personnel from multiple agencies, and apply rapid reporting to meet objectives to save lives. They are solving the chaos. Right now, the public safety industry keeps struggling, and failing, to come up with solutions while still using the current antiquated technology. CERA is the only one saying, "Stop thinking about building a better radio, and embrace technology beyond radios."

Company Birth Story

CERA was created by Major Edward McGovern (ret.), a 22-year law enforcement veteran. McGovern created CERA after responding to both the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport mass shooting and Marjory Stoneman Douglas (MSD) High School attack in Parkland, Fla. He brought together tech developers with experts from Police, Fire/EMS, and Education to build the best-practice solution for emergency reporting and response. There are no competitors. All of the other apps that have been created in response to Alyssa’s Law only have reporting capability. CERA sets itself apart by reporting AND response, which speeds up dissemination of information and communication to taking only seconds.

The Problem

Mass casualty events are on the rise with the most recent one in Uvalde and Buffalo. From attacks like the Las Vegas concert shooting and the MSD attack, to the tragic crowd crush at Astro World, the chaos and failures of public safety are rooted in antiquated technology like 9-1-1 and two-way radios, which they were never designed to handle the speed, volume, and precision needed for effective response.

The Solution

The goal is to transform communication in an emergency. Public safety is still using decades-old technology not designed to handle the speed and volume of a critical event. Time is a measure of life, which is why CERA is so important. CERA is the only platform rooted in response for the boots on the ground, the ones who need the information quickly and easily. Their patented, proprietary features include a virtual triage system, interactive instant perimeters, multi-agency management, and CERA QR-Connect, which allows agencies to onboard any event through its QR Code system. Several South Florida police departments, schools and shopping centers are already participating and becoming part of the solution.

A founder quote

"If there's something wrong, those who have the ability to take action have the responsibility to take action."

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