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Ancient philosophy combined with modern knowledge to heal the mind, body, and spirit.

What the Company does

Chakra Wonders is an organization building a naturopathic and holistic resort. All customer purchases from the Chakra Wonders products catalogue go towards funding the resort. Chakra Wonders spa like resort will house all aspects of natural and holistic medicines, spiritual and mental services, and a diverse range of physical healings.

The Current Landscape

There are many spiritual retreats and various other places that people can go from Rythmia, a large spiritual retreat in Costa Rica, to Joshua Tree, the oldest and largest spiritual retreat in the western United States. These retreats primarily focus on individuals previously adapt spirituality and metaphysics.

Company Birth Story

Chakra Wonders was born out of need to bridge the gap between adapt spiritualist, the “New Age” fad, and people who want to see change within themselves. What started as a want to guide people to their higher selves grew into a need to provide a facility to accomplish this.

The Solution

Chakra Wonders is building a spa like resort for natural, holistic, spiritual, mental and physical services and healings. All are catered to an individual’s birth/star chart and human design pattern. This differs from competitors in affordability, access to the general public and modern amenities from a metaphysical approach. So far Chakra Wonders has set up an online metaphysical store for customers to purchase products and accessories that won’t commonly be found at other locations. The vision of Chakra Wonders is to use the proceeds from the online store to help fund the spiritual spa that the world needs.

A Customer Story

One customer has stated that Chakra Wonders self-help journal was nothing like anything he’s ever experienced, feeling more transformed after ever prompt. Another customer was excited to see a metaphysical shop that sold more than just crystals, candles and incense.

The Team Culture

Chakra Wonders is operated completely by its founder Dexter Morton. Dexter has always enjoyed helping people and a few years ago felt called to set aside his career in medical laboratory technology to guide people their higher self.

A Founder Quote

“The path to enlightenment begins with awareness” – Dexter. Dexter says that we all have a light inside of us, but life had dimmed the embers of many. Chakra Wonders aims to make everyone aware of their inner light and what perhaps to do with it.

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