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AI is Bringing Wall Street Technology to Main Street

What ToroAlerts does

ToroAlerts was designed to bring “Wall Street Technology to Mainstreet” alerting investors when to buy & when to sell stocks & crypto, with the ability to be a fully functioning RoboAdvisor, executing automatic algorithmic trades using AI and Machine learning, all while addressing a $200 trillion market opportunity.

The Current Landscape

Competitors include Betterment, Wealthfront, STASH, Wealthfront, and Fidelity.

The number of users in the Robo-Advisor segment is expected to reach 17 million users by 2026, with the market for AI services is estimated to reach $2.8 trillion dollars by 2030.

The U. S. Accounts for over 1/3 of the Global Market Size, with 55% of investors want a tech-human balance. ToroAlerts is targeting 1% market share or $10B in new AUM per year.

Company Birth Story

ToroAlerts was born out of the founders' experience with their hedge fund, The C3 Fund, which utilized advanced technology for trading.

As they attempted to expand their hedge fund internationally, they faced regulatory challenges in certain regions, such as India, where automated trading was not permitted.

To overcome these limitations and continue providing valuable insights to investors globally, the founders came up with the idea of creating a roboadvisor, ToroAlerts.

The Solution

ToroAlerts addresses emotional trading by utilizing advanced technology for better investment results.

The platform ranks investment opportunities based on their potential benefits from economic conditions, trends, and events, and offers a white-label and SaaS model for institutional investors.

A Customer Story

ToroAlerts goes beyond being a customizable RoboAdvisor, serving as a financial and risk management tool to guide clients through market volatility, ensuring capital preservation and peace of mind.

The algorithm has delivered an average annual return of 40% tracking the S&P500 with $20MM in assets under management without a monthly loss since inception (2017).

2021’ Portfolio Return:

Cannabis 147%

Crypto 876%

2022’ Portfolio Return:

Equities 8%

Crypto 12%

2023’ Portfolio Return:

Futures 30% avg. monthly ROI YTD

The Team Culture

TEAM ICON is a framework Josh created for an ideal team by focusing on trust, empowerment, appreciation, mentorship, involvement, challenge, and a sense of being on a mission. When these elements are present, employees are more likely to be motivated, productive, and satisfied with their work.

ToroAlerts is run by Josh Kincaid and business partner Rohit Srivastava. They also have a small army of developers and Social Media team members in both India & Cambodia, with extensive experience in finance, software development, and marketing.

Rohit Srivastava has over 20 years of experience in investment management and has been recognized as a FinTech thought leader.

Josh previously worked at Capital One managing a $650 million fund before jumping into the hemp & cannabis space in 2015 with a successful exit selling a CBD bandaid company to the world's 2nd largest bandage manufacturer in 2019 before joining Rohit at The C3 Fund.

A founder quote

“The stock market has expressed tremendous volatility as of lately!,” said Josh Kincaid, Chief Marketing Officer. “But anyone who has used a bona fide AI tool with predictive analytics would have been alerted to the fact that some stocks have been testing new highs for quite some time. The use of AI tools could have also aided in avoiding certain losses for investors by preventing them from getting in at the top. ToroAlerts built an intelligent stock alert app to address this issue, notifying exactly when to buy and when to sell.”

“Investing is a rational decision-making process and it needs a balance of risk management and risk taking,” said Rohit Srivastava, CEO ToroAlerts. “Making fast rational decisions is tough. The amount of information we have available today and the speed of change of market behavior is making it difficult to make quick decisions. Our artificial intelligence systems can be designed to create such balance with a combination of machine learning & technical trading. Using these Artificial intelligence (AI) tools funds can analyze various data points, make decisions quicker and execute trades with relatively higher accuracy by mitigating risks.”

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