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A Toast to Seggsy Time: Fun Functional Beverages

What Seggs Water does

Seggs Water creates delicious non-alcoholic, adaptogen-powered drinks that have been carefully formulated to enhance your mood — and even put you in the mood. What’s more — a portion of all proceeds are donated to help end sex trafficking. Seggs helps customers responsibly enjoy themselves at home or in the club.

The Current Landscape

While there are many supplements that focus on libido and enhancing sexual experience and performance, there are very few beverage companies that are focused on enhancing the user’s Seggsual experience. The one notable competitor is Love Life, which also promotes fun, healthy, sex. But throughout the industry, none are as devoted to helping end sex trafficking by directly donating a portion of profits.

Company Birth Story

Seggs Water was inspired by a conversation between friends. What at first seemed like a fun idea was soon realized to be a truly great one that could fulfill a need for many people while also helping to prevent sex trafficking. That fun is still at the core of what Seggs does today – from the company’s name to the drink’s adaptogenic formulation. Since 2020, Seggs has expanded rapidly, earned many faithful fans and customers, and become a leader in the functional beverage industry.

The Solution

By embracing Seggsiness responsibly, Seggs Water is thrusting itself to the forefront of a fun and Seggsually open beverage industry. Where many businesses shy away from Seggsuality, Seggs dives in head first and is proud to offer customers delicious, functional beverages that help people enjoy their Seggsuality while also supporting safe, consensual sex.

The Team Culture

Seggs Water is a laid-back, fun-focused, yet serious beverage company while taking our products very seriously and are completely dedicated to the quality of our adaptogenic drinks. The Seggs team are also passionate advocates for safe, responsible sex – especially ending sex trafficking.


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