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A Mobile App Tackling Info Overload & Trusted Recommendations

What Suggesterfy does

Suggesterfy is a social discovery application that helps users address the challenge of finding reliable recommendations for products, services, trades, venues and small businesses. The app connects users with their trusted network of friends, family or acquaintances, and consolidates their valuable recommendations in one place. By leveraging the power of personal connections or "word of mouth" promotion, Suggesterfy makes the discovery process efficient, relevant, and trustworthy.

The Current Landscape

Suggesterfy sets itself apart from other social apps by focusing on the power of personal connections. They understand that people value the opinions and recommendations of their friends and acquaintances more than those of random strangers or online algorithms. Therefore, Suggesterfy leverages this trust to create a more personalised and meaningful experience for their users.

Company Birth Story

The journey of Suggesterfy began during the Melbourne Covid lockdowns when Deanna, the Founder was homeschooling her three children. She realized the challenges of finding trustworthy recommendations online. The problem of information overload and the difficulty of discovering reliable suggestions in a sea of choices became even more pronounced during these isolated times. In today's digital age, people are often overwhelmed by an abundance of options, making decision-making arduous and frustrating, with no assurance of getting what they expect.

Deanna's vision was to create a platform where people could easily find trusted recommendations tailored to their individual preferences. With this goal in mind, she embarked on developing Suggesterfy.

The Solution

Suggesterfy is providing a social discovery platform that bridges users with their trusted network, streamlining their valuable recommendations into one convenient hub. By harnessing the influence of personal connections or "word of mouth" promotion, Suggesterfy streamlines the discovery process, making it efficient, relevant, and dependable.

Suggesterfy empowers users to tap into the collective wisdom of their network, benefiting from their experiences, insights, and preferences. The app delivers a personalized experience, tailoring recommendations to individual interests and needs. Users can post queries, specify preferences, explore hashtags, and navigate the social proof map to precisely find what they seek in their vicinity.

At its core, Suggesterfy thrives as a community-driven platform, enabling users to share uplifting suggestions and recommendations, while concurrently boosting small businesses and services through positive word of mouth.

Since its launch, Suggesterfy users have reported that they love the personalisation and trustworthiness of the recommendations. The user base has been steadily growing, with increased engagement and active user participation on the platform.

A Customer Story

One customer story that resonates is that of Sarah, a frequent traveler who used to rely on online reviews and random suggestions from strangers when planning her trips. Since joining Suggesterfy, she now finds reliable recommendations from her friends with similar travel preferences. Suggesterfy has significantly enhanced her experiences and fostered a deeper connection to her friends' suggestions. Moreover, it has opened up a world of exciting discoveries, leading to unforgettable experiences at new and amazing places!

The Team Culture

The team at Suggesterfy is dedicated to creating a positive and inclusive culture. They value collaboration and transparency. They are a women- owned business that is being 100% built, led and developed in Australia. Their team brings together individuals from diverse backgrounds who share a common vision of revolutionising social discovery. They deeply care about their users and strive to create an environment where everyone feels heard and valued.

A founder quote

“If you can’t post anything nice, then don’t post anything at all”!

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