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What VUE does?

Planning the perfect trip to a remote destination like the Maldives can be daunting. You want to make sure all the details are taken care of, and that every aspect meets your expectations. VUE is your concierge service to planning your perfect trip. Each resort has been personally inspected before being recommended, so their expertise along with VUE’s user-friendly booking site makes the process seamless and easy as a click.

The Current Landscape

As per Forbes. “technology in the travel industry is booming—and it's here to stay.” Travellers are increasingly on the hunt for unique experiences. As such, many businesses have capitalised on this demand by creating travel platforms to book these tailored trips. However, while the convenience of an online booking site understandably appeals, travellers may find comfort in a Travel advisor (aka travel agent) when it comes to planning their trip and booking services - something that is not as easily achieved via a digital service. The challenge then lies in marrying together a travel advisor with the accessibility and swiftness of online booking and instant information. This is where Vue provides the perfect solution. With this innovative service, customers are granted access to an online booking system with a personal travel concierge - effectively merging technology and human resources together.

What competitors exist?

Travel companies are offering a wide range of unique experiences and services through apps and websites. Niche businesses like Tentrr stands out for its online campsites and glamping options that appeal to those looking for more immersive outdoor experiences. For those who love to explore with their motorhomes, Harvest Hosts is an ideal membership-based community for RV enthusiasts. Luxury travellers can turn to which offer a luxury selection of resorts and hotels all around the globe. ‘VUE Maldives’ is dedicated to Maldives luxury resorts, offering a curated range of unique resorts in remote destinations like the Maldives. Innovative businesses such as these demonstrate how travel technology is continuing to evolve.

Company Birth Story

Sue Kang, the co-founder of VUE Maldives, has been intimately familiar with the destination since 2013. Originally from New York and lived abroad in Singapore for seven years, Sue had the opportunity to visit over 40 resort islands in the Maldives thanks to its convenient 4.5 hour direct flight distance. She has gathered absolute invaluable knowledge on which ones would be best suited to each traveller. She began to share her recommendations and experiences with friends, colleagues and beyond, but quickly noticed that many people had little to no knowledge about the resorts. In particular, people were overwhelmed with so many beautiful resorts to choose from. Thus was born VUE Maldives; her brainchild created to assist all who seek to travel and uncover the beauty of the Maldives tailored to their personal preferences.

The Solution

VUE is an innovative business model that blends the convenience of a travel booking site with personalized concierge services. This allows guests to make the most informed decisions about their travel plans, with care and assurance from VUE’s expert concierge services. In an era where convenience is key, customers can rest assured that their luxury holiday in these remote and exotic island destinations will be of the greatest quality and most convenient for them.

VUE’s first exotic destination is the Maldives but it has plans to expand to other unique and remote island destinations. With their experienced Concierge staff ensuring that you get the perfect balance of peace of mind, expert recommendations while still being able to book your dream destination in an instant – VUE could be exactly what you have been looking for to start planning for that perfect island escape.

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